The Pastor’s Wallet is a weekly personal finance blog for pastors. If you’re not a pastor, that’s ok. A lot of what you find here will help you too. You’re welcome to listen in on the conversation. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.


The Pastor’s Wallet Helps Pastors

If you are a pastor, I’m so glad you’re here! Wise money management is important for everyone, but I think it is especially important for pastors. Why? Well, first of all, you’re in a unique profession. In the rest of the economy, if you work hard and become highly skilled at what you do, you’re rewarded with more money. As a pastor, unless you end up on TV or write a ton of books or internationally popular worship songs, you’ll probably always have a modest income no matter how well you do. No one gets into pastoring for the earthly rewards, right?


In addition to limited income potential, you live a very public life. Your entire congregation looks to you and your family as an example. You want to set a good example for them with your finances, just as you do morally and with your family. I want to give you the tools to be able to do that.


The Pastor’s Wallet Helps Pastors Help Others

The Pastor’s Wallet isn’t just here to help you with your own personal finances. I want to equip you to help those you lead as well. How many times have you been in a marriage counseling situation and things have turned to finances? Even if you have your own financial life completely under control, people will come to you with financial issues that you are unfamiliar with. I want to be a resource for you as you help others.


The Pastor’s Wallet Is A Supportive Community

Finally, I know that a pastor’s life can be lonely. When everyone is looking up to you and expecting you to be perfect, where do you go for help? Where do you feel comfortable being vulnerable and opening up about your financial struggles? Here you don’t have to worry about “not being spiritual enough” when it comes to money. My goal is to create a supportive community where pastors can come to learn from one another without worrying about being judged. I am here to equip you and encourage you and give you a shoulder to lean on.


Learn More

You can learn more about who writes these articles and how The Pastor’s Wallet blog came to be by following the colored links. If you have something specific you need help with you can let me know here. Thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad that you’ve joined us here at The Pastor’s Wallet and I hope to see you again soon!